A lavish body scrub made with a mix of sugars and scented with a delicious combination of vanilla and lemon. Designed for full body exfoliation and gentle enough to use on body, face, and even the most sensitive areas.


Skin is happier when it's exfoliated. Exfoliation removes dead skin, fights acne, and helps keep your skin clear and glowing. However, many store-bought exfoliators are overly harsh on the skin, stripping it of natural oils and often causing more irritation than benefit. This gentle sugar-based exfoliator is designed to dissolve as it's rubbed in so you can get all the benefits of deep exfoliation without harming your skin. The combination of brown and castor sugar provide a textured product that scrubs away dead skin and clears your pores while sesame oil works in to remove grime and hydrate the skin. Vanilla helps fight irritation and inflammation while lemon helps brighten the skin for a truly glowing effect.


Gentle enough to use every day, but effective enough to use once-a-week, this is the perfect addition to your shower routine. Enjoy softer, brighter skin for days after just one use of this scrub and watch as your skin grows happier and healthier with continued use. 

Luxurious Lemon-Vanilla Sugar Scrub

  • Best used in the bath or shower. Massage into damp skin until sugar dissolves, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Gentle enough to be used every day, but effective enough to use once a week. Follow with your favorite lotion.